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1. | Mar 3, 2014
Ali قال:في اختراع اسمو زمور سيارة تم اختراعه في بدايات القرن السابق. الرجاء عدم خلط الحابل بالنابل مو ناقصنا.Thanks for the video Anas, it's a great initiative from aroirdd. Keep up the good work
2. | Mar 2, 2014
Evening I wonder if you would like to use or come to a show at Shrewsbury House which is laoetcd in Bushmoor Crescent, Shooters Hill, Plumstead SE18 in the Royal Brough of Greenwich . There is a fair size Car park a number of large rooms on ground & first floor, Kitchen, tolets a nd a number of other useable services. A number of bus routes go over Shooters Hill which is a 5 mintue walk away. Shrewsbury House has a number of open days & clubs not wargames using it ,but is still under used & would like more clubs and other users. Did have a Wargame club a few years back. Regards Richard.
3. | Aug 9, 2013
J9I just want to say that the smoked samlon sandwich at the Metropolitan opera FLOORS ME and I desire it whenever I get in that building. Just FYI to another pumpernickel/samlon fan.
4. | Aug 8, 2013
Yuck ! What you describe from Hershey Lodge is NOT a grlield cheese. It's an Apple Brie Sourdough sandwich.A grlield Cheese sandwich is what it is. People should feel free to eat any grlield sandwich they want but don't call it a Grilled Cheese in the historical sense.Would you take some chopped steak then add Cheddar or Brie, asparagus, red peppers and Oregano then call it a Philly Cheesesteak ? No you'd call it a Veggie Steak sandwich or something else. But you can't take a classic sandwich, switch all the ingredients and then sill call it that classic name !
5. | Jun 6, 2013
qqbAnM xltyfxsgxizg
6. | May 31, 2013
hummm, missing sohmneitg.. Thats IT! My new luxurious, soft Onepiece! It cuddles you, and loves you, and you will love coming home to this kinda wonderful, sweet piece of me with your color preference and prefered size,xs: 8-10 sm size 10-12 and Med 12-16. Meant to fit loosly Yours and your mom's is FREE!!my personal one is Orange in the hood and inside of pocket,and Deep pretty purple. Purple makes me feel happy.. LOL, I will need prefered Mailing address as well, God Bless